Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shaking my head at the spam I get. What's the deal with the new trend with the same spam comment on the same post 20 times? And how come I sometimes get obvious spam with no links whatsoever? How does that generate revenue? And are people really enticed into clicking the fake link labeled "gay dog sex"? After the first time crashes their computer, that is. I mean, who wouldn't want to see gay dogs having sex at least once?

Another tidbit from my morning: I finally found out what Sean Astin is peddling. See, for a couple of months now the local ABC station has been cutting away from ads featuring Sean Astin after a fraction of a second. I assumed it was a new tv show that wouldn't be shown in our market. It really irritates me when they do that. If they don't want me to watch a show, they need not intice me with split-second glimpses of what I'm missing. I don't even particularly care about Sean Astin, but I sure did want to watch the  show I wasn't allowed to see.

But finally somebody made a mistake and the whole ad aired. It's not for a show at all but a commercial for Boy's Town National Hotline. So what is wrong with my local television market that they hate Boy's Town? What the-? Do we really need one more ad for Eyewitness News 5 instead?

Those are the thoughts occupying Sherri Blossoms this morning.

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  1. You think that cutaway job is bad where you are? Come to Canada where we do it even more, many times cutting right into the actual program and substitute lame low budget Canadian ads for those high budget American ads. Yeah, that's right. The ads you see are better than the ones I see. Especially with the Super Bowl coming up, Canadians don't see most of the so-called amazing commercials.

  2. Well, that's LAME. What's with the bias against Boy's Town?? C'mon! I can't figure that out -- ESPECIALLY if Boy's Town is paying for the ads! Yikes!

    WIGSF -- I'm so sorry for you. Really.

  3. Gay dog spam and Sean Astin? Those are the thoughts occupying you this morning?

    I'm so sorry. *hugs*

  4. I couldn't HELP but read this post based solely on the title - way to reel me in!

    They do that here in Columbus too, especially on the ABC affiliate. Jerkfaces. Thank goodness my spam blocker from AT&T seems to be working OR my email address is new enough that it hasn't been exploited a bizillion times by spammers.

    I don't know what I would do if faced with an email with 'gay dog sex' in the title. Probably delete it and spend the rest of the day cowering in fear.


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