Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's see...What's happened since my last post...

Monday I wasted the afternoon looking for an elusive part for the gas grill.

Little Bubba was home sick yesterday with a sore throat, and he sucked down cup after cup of warm water with honey. I got some editing done while he played his PS2 Avatar game, but mostly I gave in to my own blahs and just played Farmville and Farkle on Facebook between household chores. Oh yeah, also did my cards and had a powerful reading regarding my writing in the near future.

Did you ever have an argument with your spouse and in the middle of it you become bewildered because you can't remember who got mad first or why? But it's too late because it got personal almost immediately, and now you're mad about those things, and it doesn't matter at all why it started? Yeah. Had one of those yesterday. I'm still not sure what happened there.

Realized this morning I hate puppies. I've never liked puppies, except in that I like dogs and puppies are young dogs. But, you know, you're supposed to like puppies. Because they're cute. But they are also crazy and hard to control, and they shit everywhere, and knock down the children, and chew stuff, and I just don't have the energy or time to make a puppy into a decently trained grown dog. Kittens, on the other hand, are delightful and perfect and angelic. They poop where they're supposed to from birth, require very little training, and their play is the cutest thing in the world rather than crazy and destructive. The downside to having kittens is shedding (so do dogs) and clawing furniture (but their tiny claws don't do much damage at first, and you can work on that while they're still small, unlike dogs who have the power to destroy everything the moment they start eating solid food). So in the young pet department, I vote kittens. If we adopt another dog, it will be a very old and sedate one. Right now we have a gerbil, and that's just fine with me.

I see Ted Kennedy died. And apparently that's the only thing that happened in the world overnight.

That's about it, I guess. Oh, and I'm waiting for a special package to arrive in the mail. I'll tell you all about it when it gets here. *winks at Marta*

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  1. I hate those silly arguments that just deteriorate. In our house, it usually starts because one of us is cranky from not eating. Ben and I both get persnickety when we haven't eaten in a while so early mornings when we're rushing out of the house are generally a fertile breeding ground for those little spats.

    I know how you feel about those puppies. Thinking back to Jersey and Shiloh's puppyhood... *shudder* We penned our Aussie in the kitchen when she was a puppy so the mess could be easily contained and cleaned up. We couldn't figure out why there were HUGE puddles on the floor that seemed to be clear. Obviously, that much fluid couldn't come from such a little puppy. One day I was in there with her doing dishes and I heard 'click click click.' I turned around and she had her little paws on the fridge drinking out of the water dispenser. I then realized why there's a little lock button next to the dispenser. Ben and I agreed that she would take over the world one day.

    And yeah, Ted Kennedy died. I can't say I agreed with him all the time, but he *did* dedicate his life to serving our country and you can't fault him for that.

    Packages are fun!

  2. Nothing that poops on my carpet is a good thing. That includes puppies.

    By the way, kittens, from time to time, will poop on sofas, carpets and other such places. However, they are generally better at burying their poop. But puppies and well, pretty much any dog, poop like horses, they just let it drop where ever they feel like it.

    Sometimes, I wish I was a dog. I could poop anywhere, have somebody pick it up and then I get to poop again. I could like myself in public and there's nothing wrong with doing it. If I wanna get laid, all I gotta do is walk upto a female and sniff her butt. Then poof. I can do the deed and not even have to cuddle afterwards. Don't even need to get her name.

    I tell you, who's the master and who's the pet? Looks to me like dogs are living the life of reilly here.

  3. I love kittens. They're delicious.

    Puppies are fine with me, but I caged trained mine. My parents and most other people I know feel it's cruel, but it's the fastest, best way to get them to learn to hold their poop. As for acting like puppies ... yeah, well, dogs like to play rough, I guess.

    But I've always been a dog person, and by the time I commit to a dog, I commit to all that comes with the dog. Cats, however, I despise, and don't want them around unless I'm feeding them to my dog.

    And I agree with WIGSF. Dogs have it made.

    I'll say nothing about Kennedy. Nothing.

  4. Did you ever find the grill part? I'm sorry about Little Bubba. I hope he feels better today.

    I don't know if Darc and I have ever had fights like that - when we do fight, we usually remember why because we're so analytical and like to list reasons. We tend to justify our rage logically. I suspect part of the reason we don't fight is because we recognize we've met our match. ;)

    Puppies are great, when they belong to someone else.

    And I can't wait to see your Christmas in August package!

  5. Didn't find the part--too late in the season. I guess we'll be putting the grill away a little early this year. Wah!

    As for the argument, I remember how it started, I'm just not sure why it escalated the way it did. We've made up, so it's moot now, I guess.

  6. All kinds of packages! *wink wink*

    Funny about your smart puppy.

  7. Sure, dogs have it made. But you think they're better off than cats? Cats get to do all those things, plus they don't have to fetch the paper.


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