Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Saturday, August 1, 2009

Me: I really need to go upstairs and write, but I'm just so sleepy.

DH: Do it anyway.

Me: But when I'm sleepy I can't think of words.

DH: You have to get used it. Make it automatic. There's things I've had to do that with.

Me (insulted): Like I don't do that already with other things. I know how that works. Writing's different.

DH: Whatever.

(DH goes into the bedroom and comes back through on his way outside.)

Me: Were you encouraging me?

DH: No, I was just saying you have to write even when you're sleepy.

(I hear, "You're just making excuses, lazy ass.")

Me: So you're scolding me.

DH: No, I'm just saying...(walks away again)

(I sit for a moment and let it sink in, then I gather up my writing things and go to the shed to write. On my way across the yard, I see DH sitting in his lawn chair.)

Me: You were telling me to suck it up and write because you want me to succeed.

DH: Yeah.

Me: That's encouragement.


DH: Oh.

(We smile, and I make my way upstairs where I do good work thanks to my hubby. And when I come down later I give him many kisses which makes him smile again. I think he was smiling because of the kisses. Maybe something funny was on tv.)

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  1. Well ... maybe it wasn't an accident, but he PLANNED it to look like an accident. You know, like a well-planned murder?

  2. Thats sweet. :)

    Sounds like a keeper.

  3. It sounds like he means well, but that the 2 of you are just kind of speaking in different languages and haven't quite mastered one another's.

    I loved that, "Oh." :D

  4. Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny. We do speak different languages, for sure. :)


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