Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 1st day of school was a success, as I thought it would. Little Bubba joked as we got ready for school, "You should have a welcome home party for us." I laughed along with him, and he forgot about it. So that afternoon I went to the dollar store and got some balloons, party favors, and candy bars. I stuck a bow to my shirt, held a squawker in one hand and a balloon in the other, and went out to wait for the bus. Of course the bus was late so I'd have to stand out there as the maximum number of people drove by. I like to think they knew what I was doing. And the look on Little Bubba's face when the bus pulled up was way worth it. 'Course, later in the evening I was sure wishing I hadn't given them the squawkers...or the balloons...or the candy...

The writing also went well. I finished my long synopsis--final page count: 15 pages. The plot is basically the same, but I did change some key elements that had given me doubts. I think finishing this project is a pretty good way to start my full-time writing career. (Is it a career if you haven't made any money yet?) It's a good sign. I can officially say that I'm out of the hole which had swallowed me up for so long. The writing feels good; having a real, reachable goal feels good; and going easy on myself feels good. I'm loose. But not in a slutty way. Anymore. As far as you know.

Anyhoo, now's the time when I call upon my peeps to read what I wrote and tell me what I got wrong. I know I have at least two readers on board already, so if y'all are too busy, I do have some help. Seriously, it's all right. Lord knows I've been too busy/downtrodden to read at times. Still, the more the merrier, so if you have a passing curiosity and time to read 15 pages double spaced, shoot me an email and I'll put you on the list.


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  1. A welcome home party--fantastic idea, Sherri. I probably would've gone light on the candy myself, but only because the youngest child tends to puke if she has too much sugar (or too much dairy, or too much excitement, or too much heat, etc.--puking is her catch-all release valve).

    And if you're looking for more readers, I'm game. Do you still have my email address?

  2. I can't believe school has started for you this early. We don't start for two more weeks. What a sport you were with the welcome home party. Woo hoo!

  3. What a great 1st day! Love the welcome home party! You're such a cool mom.

    And a loose one too. As far as I know. ;) LOL You're so cute.

    I'd like to read your synopsis. I can do 15 pages. :)

  4. That's the kind of cool thing that your kids will remember for a long time and reminisce about when they're 30. "Remember the first day of school in the third grade when Mom met us at the bus with balloons, candy, and we had a party?" You're such an awesome mom.

    I'd love to read your synopsis, even just to give you general impressions. We read a lot of the same stuff; I don't mind giving feedback :)

  5. Yes, I do. Haven't cleaned out my gmail in ages, so I'm sure it's in there. Thanks for volunteering!

    "puking is her catch-all release valve"...hilarious! Reminds me of that 30 Rock where Jack pukes from excitement.

  6. Great, thanks! I'm typing up a first-reader email right now.

  7. Awesome, I'll put you on the list. With my bro, you make four. Thanks!

  8. Welcome home from school parties rock. Great idea! :)

    I'll read. I thought I was one of the original two but I'll make sure by saying it again. :)

  9. Everybody keeps saying we start early, but as far as I can remember, this is about when we always started.

    They enjoyed it, and that was the point. :)

  10. You were not, because I know you're in a weird place with all your pressures. Thanks for volunteering!


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