Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yep, I'm back on the treadmill. I stopped walking when I hurt my hand and my old laptop broke for good at the same time. I just want to take a moment to remind you that Thoughts From the Treadmill is never edited for typos or anything else dumb. It's just me typing and praying I don't say anything that can be used against me later.

So my mom sold me this laptop, and I finally got around to fixing up the treadmill to accommodate it. It's bigger all the way around, and the base where you rest your hands is a great expanse. My treadmill is a manual variety, so I have to push against this bar, but my hands kept slipping with the counter-pressure. I'm trying out some of those non-skid pads I use in my utensil drawer to keep the divider from sliding around. It works okay, but I think by the time I'm done the heels of my hands may be sore.

So I'm thinking about Twitter. Is it wrong to follow thousands of people? How can a person possibly keep up with all those tweets? Obviously, they can't. They're using a program like Tweetdeck to keep track of the people they REALLY care about, and what are the rest? I don't personally think it's wrong, but I wouldn't want to follow that many people. I assume these followers are doing it for the networking possibilities, and that's fine. I use Tweetdeck, too, filtering out the folks I want to keep in touch with but who tweet too much for me to keep up with. Also, if I follow someone who is also my friend on Facebook, I prefer to just interact that way. Do you do that, too? Is there anyone on Twitter that you love to death, but who just tweets too much? Do you feel guilty about filtering that person? I did at first, but not anymore. I've decided what place each social networking service has in my life. It's nothing personal, I'm still keeping up with everyone I care about, just in my own way.

Feeling a bit faint...may be a good time to stop...

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  1. Congrats on getting back on the treadmill! I need to get my ass back doing something or I'm going to keep packing on the baby weight I lost. I love your 'Treadmillin' tweets on Twitter.

    As for social networking - I check my Facebook maaaaaaaaybe once a week. I'm so over it. I hate all the stupid quizzes and flair and other crap that people send. I just don't have the time for it. I also realized that I got sucked into it sometimes. I'd be reading about my friends and then wander over to their blog and then I'd be looking at wedding photos of someone I DIDN'T KNOW. Definitely keep following me on Twitter ;)


  2. I stopped twitter, (too damn addicting when it didn't feel totally pointless) and now I'm all about FB. The secret is being someone who only wants a few friends. Seriously, my daughter has about 500 friends. Me? I think I'm only up to nine, but then I'm really into guarding my time/space these days.

    So do we get exercise credit if we visualize being on a treadmill while we read your posts? Works for me!

  3. About the no comments of "The Sax Man" - yeah, you'll need to edit your page.php file for this theme to put comments on it. Generally, you can just copy and paste all the comments code from the single.php file. If you want to keep the theme, but you're afraid to update like that, shoot me an email and I can help you out.

    I'm with Kristy about the stupid quizzes on FaceBook. I'm thinking of clearing out all of my acquaintances and only keeping my real friends there.

  4. I usually ignore tags and causes and requests. I like a quiz now and then. Mostly I like joining conversations of people I don't get to see in real life. I go through periods of high activity followed by no activity.

    Thanks for the advice and offer to help on the page comments. I will be taking down the story later today, so it's moot for that particular page, but I may want to do it for the rest. I'll holler if I can't figure it out. :)

  5. Did you break a sweat with all that visualization?

    I keep thinking I'm going to stop Twitter completely, but it's working as an instant chat thing for the people who aren't active on FB.

  6. I've done that wedding picture thing, too! lol

    I think I'm going to make a list of things to do to streamline my FB and Twitter usage. Once I get on the sites streamlining just flies right out of my head.

  7. I have a rig to use the computer while on the treadmill, but my old treadmill died and on this new one the arms are too short to accomodate a shelf. So I just walk without it and read a book. (You know, the old fashioned method?) glad your method is working for you!

    Re Twitter, yes, just about anyone I follow tweets too much for me to keep up, especially when at most I check twitter once per day. I prefer Facebook for following people, too.

  8. I love me some laptoppage. I wish I could swing one -- a GOOD one this time -- I could blog and check email and do all the fun stuff PCs can do from some place OTHER than at my desk with a freakin' uncomfortable chair.

    So glad it's working out for you though. And congrats on working out again! Big move, breaking inertia. Hard to do. Don't pass out though. ;)

  9. Good for you for getting back on the treadmill! I've kind of missed the treadmill tales - they're fun!

    As for making it stay (the laptop) - I picked up a roll of that meshy shelf liner stuff and cut off a little bit to use as jar openers - it comes in handy for tons of stuff besides lining shelves. :) It may work with your laptop too.

  10. Having just used a paddle boat today, I'm in no condition to think about treadmill.

    I follow very few people on twitter and few people follow me. Which is fine. I like it how it is. I have found it is good for following museums and podcasts. I follow this science blog which tweets about new videos on space or something, and then if I think it's interesting, my son and I watch the video. And I find out upcoming art shows. That sort of thing. So, I guess I mostly like to use twitter like a newsletter.

    As for facebook. I ignore most quizzes, but like you, once and again they're okay. I've become more hooked on facebook since I started using it to... I don't know how to explain. You know, i post pictures of action figures. That is fun. Any of these sites you have to know what you want from it and why you're doing it. FB has gotten me in touch with great people from my past (and yes maybe the not so great...but that's another story). I use fb for my own amusement and don't bother with the rest.

    Oh, like Scrabble. I'm hooked on FB Scrabble.

    And these things help me stay in touch with you.

  11. A book? Man, you ARE old-fashioned. I may join you back there in the past, though, because of the hand-sliding. Makes it hard to type and hard to walk.

    I started social networking for one reason, and that is platform. I wanted to connect with people who read the same thing I did, get my name out there so people would know who I was when my book came out, etc. Blogging I did for myself, but FB, MySpace, and Twitter I did for others. Then I found I actually like being connected to all those people.

  12. I didn't. :)

    Laptoppage rocks, no doubt about it. I have my mommy to thank for it. We worked it out in trade.

  13. That's the stuff I was talking about. It worked ok, but I kept having to readjust, plus its meshy quality hurt my hands. Back to the drawing board.

  14. And that is the numero uno reason to use them. :)


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