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Wow. This cover hit me right between the eyes. I haven't even read the blurb for Demon Squad: Armageddon Bound yet, but I already want to buy it. Now I'm off to read about the book.

ETA: Now I'm laughing, because the Fantasy Book Critic described the cover as "sedate". I guess after I've looked at it a while, it's lost its punch, but I still like how that guy is pointing the gun at me. I could do without the obligatory mostly-naked posing chick, but I still like it.

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  1. You know that old saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover."
    That saying is stupid. Here's why. The purpose of a book cover, or one of the purposes of the book cover, is to make a potential reader pick up the book and buy it or read it or whatever. The cover exists to entice people to become consumers of that book.
    Let's use this book cover as an example. That book is probably got some action and sizzling half naked blondes in it. Right? I seriously doubt that book will be a collection of muffin recipes.
    In conclusion, always judge a book by its cover.

  2. I think it's a good cover. Dramatic, exciting, and titillating all at the same time. If I read this genre of book, I'd pick it up.

  3. I think it's an aggressive cover, but not especially catchy for me. I wonder why?

    I think the woman's boobs have been 'shopped, too. I mean, first they're MASSIVE, and second, the bikini top looks fake. Then again, she might be a painting, I can't really tell.

    I'm with WIGSF on this; I think more and more you CAN judge a book by its cover. That was true only when covers were mostly made of leather with gilded lettering on them. Since marketing and sales drive everything now, publishers HAVE to grab everyone with the cover. It might be the only chance at a hook they have.

    Of course, the saying is still true in that a good cover might hide a hideously bad book, and vice versa.

    So now I'm rambling. Do you enjoy rambling? I know I can put up with only so much of it. When it's my own rambling though, I really don't get a vote. I have to put up with it. I mean, what can I do? It's me. I have to tolerate the rambling even though it gets on my nerves.

    So anyway, it's a decent cover, and the gun pointed at the reader gives it a nice "Read me or eat LEAD" kind of tone. I like that.

  4. I wouldn't buy this book based on its cover, ever, but I can see how effective it would be for people who do read this genre and like this kind of thing. Imagery is so powerful.

  5. I think the boobs are more eye-catching than the gun. I suspect that's probably what catches the male reader - kind of like the bikini-clad model draped over the sports car.

  6. The cover is fairly fitting of the surface content of the book and was targeted to what I believed my most prevalent audience would be.

    Funny thing is, the artist who did the work was a woman, who decided on her own, to put the model in a bikini and inflate her chest.

    Overall, I think she did a great job and created a striking cover.

    Thanks for checking it out.

  7. Well, thanks for coming by, Tim. Me being female, you can't really blame me for rolling my eyes at the woman. But I'm more likely to read and enjoy a "dude" book than a lot of ladies I know, so that kind of thing comes with it.

    From the review, it seems you've created a lively read, and I look forward to reading it myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts!

  8. Not at all, Sherri. I get why you'd roll your eyes at it, but it fits the main character.

    If you're interested, you can find chapter one here:

    It'll probably just confirm that you can judge a book by its cover.

    Thanks again.

  9. Ha! I'll go get that confirmation right now. Thanks for the link!

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