Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a beautiful morning, though a cold front will be coming in this afternoon, plunging us back below freezing after a day's reprieve during which the kids played barefoot in the dirt. So let's see...what else is going on in Blossomland...

  • Maggie gets her cast off Wednesday. I imagine they'll x-ray her first, but I don't see any reason they'd leave it on. She's felt no pain for a week, at least. She will have to wear the cast for her school Christmas program tomorrow. I'll probably buy a red sock to cover the bright pink, or else I'll buy her a pink Christmas dress to match.

  • I finished up my final project for Eternal Press last night and sent it off to my managing editor. I'm absolutely certain the decision to leave is the right one for me at this time. I'll let you know when this vampire erotic fantasy is released in February.

  • That post I did about being blocked by a  friend? Well just a day or two after, one of my best friends from college reconnected with me on Facebook and salved my soul. He's a world traveler and drifts in and out of my life every few years. I'm pretty easy to find, as I have never lived outside of Central Oklahoma.

  • Can't wait to see Avatar! But how come aliens are always shaped like us? Even down to the women having breasts? I'm sure it's a choice between realistic speculative world-building and concessions to characters a human can identify with. You know, because if a creature has boobs our brains supply woman seamlessly, and then they can focus on other aspects of a story. But still, it bugs me.

  • So far I haven't had anybody tell me I should be linking to them, so maybe those people don't read me anymore. Thanks to those of you who checked your links.

  • I will be making bourbon balls this year, and some other goodies for our Christmas night gathering, only I'll have white, milk AND dark chocolate coating on the bourbon balls, and maybe even actual bourbon if I can talk the hubs into going to the liquor store. Maybe he could also buy a bottle of wine

I feel like there's so much more I could be talking about, but I'm scattered. Anything you'd like to hear more about? Wanna tell me what you've got going on?

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  1. You can put me on your sidebar! I'm not much of a commenter but I read.

  2. I say add Rachel! She's kewl. :)

    Oh, and the aliens always look like us because if they don't, you can't sympathize with them. Plus that makes the bio-animation motion capture a LOT more expensive to work. AND, the alien girls need boobs not because our brains say "woman", but because fanboys in that 14-25 y/o age bracket say "BOOOOOOBIES" and will watch the f'ing movie. NO joke; these are people who scour the Internet looking for cartoon porn. That's right, CARTOON PORN.

    So, yeah. The aliens need boobies. Also I think one of the humans falls for one and that can't happen if they're too weird looking.

    Hope you had an awesome weekend. :)

  3. I certainly will add you. You're on my reader.

  4. You're on fire today, aren't you? :)

  5. Let's see ...

    Yay for Maggie getting her cast off!

    Congratulations on finishing your work for EP. I know this was a tough decision for you, but now it's over and you can move on like you wanted.

    Woo for re-connecting with an old friend who salved your soul. Friends like that are pretty special.

    Why do aliens have boobs? Because the target audience is a hormonally charged up boy.

    Mmmmm bourbon balls! :D

    Me, I got nothin' goin' on. So I like hearing all about yours. :) *hugs*

  6. I see you're on fire today, too. What is going on in your house? lol *hugs back*

  7. LOL That's on fire? You're so cute! :D

  8. I hope you take a photo of the bourbon balls- I'd like to see them in tri-color chocolate! And, my link on your sidebar is fine too, thanks...

  9. Thanks for checking, Sarah. We'll see about a photo...I'm lazy, you see.


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