Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I found something else about myself the past couple of days. Yes, Sherri is Blossoming right and left. The thing is: I hate blogging! I hate REAL blogging, with the declaring of opinions and the researching my topic and linking to relevant articles. I think I mostly hate it because I'm not very good at it and it takes me a really long time. Or maybe it takes me so long because I hate it. I don't know.

I end up sorry everytime I try to mess with my system, which consists of blabbing on until I've hit one hour or I run out of blabb, whichever comes first. And every time I tell myself I'll never try to be a "real" blogger again--it'll be anecdotes and silly observations from here on out--but I always compare myself to others and feel I should try harder, which leads down that road. And doing a post every day is just magnifying every tiny problem, and I am really thinking of taking a day off. My hand hurts from typing.

This template is growing on me. I know it's missing the bright color of my old one, but I think I want to be subdued for a while. I can change the header later if I feel the need. I miss having two sidebars, though. Having one sidebar is very clean, but people have to scroll down to get to some stuff I want them to see. I haven't even bothered to put all the widgets on there yet.

My daily hits have evened out since the switch. I'm getting 40-50 per day pretty steadily. I LOVE being able to track all my stats, something you can't do with I hope I'll be able to continue the hosting, because I sure as hell don't want to have to go through all this crap in reverse.

Okay, ran out of blabb.

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  1. There's no rule that says if you blog you must do researched articles and be profound. I like your blog and visit regularly because I like what you say. If you want to write articles, prepare to waste a lot of time on them. I certainly do, and it's not the best use of my time, I must say!

  2. I like your format too. Very clean and the font of your posts is very easy to read, and inviting.
    I love your everything-but-the-kitchen-sink posts. My theory of blogging is that everyone ends up being themselves on their blogs, whether they make a conscious effort to do so or not. But anyway,I'm not one to talk. I haven't written on my own blog in quite a while for some of the same reasons: who am I? What do I want to say? Why do I want to say it?

  3. Thanks for that, Wyrdd. I always feel I should be doing more because of my belief that if I'm doing something, it must be wrong. :)

    Your articulate and informative articles are why people to take you seriously. You are known across the blogosphere because of them. I guess I just have to be happy being my blabby self, because I definitely do not have the energy to do what you do. Kudos to you.

  4. I totally agree, Sarah. Each blogger gives clues to who they are, even if they don't blog about their current lives. The underlying theme of a blog sort of takes care of itself, like the themes of novels. Maybe the more successful bloggers understand that and use it to their advantage...?

    You know, if you don't feel like have A BLOG you could just write notes on Facebook. You have good insights to share.

  5. I think you try too hard. It doesn't have to be a professional blog; your personal one is quite the success, evident by the comment you got from WrittenWyrdd.

    Be whatever you want to be, and if you can't make it to the end of the NaBloPoMo thing, well ... you didn't die when you didn't win NaNoWriMo either, right? You tried it, and know it's not for you. That simple.

    I liked reading your blog because of your honest and open style and the wonderful prose you managed in it. Very addicting. You didn't post every day, but when you did, it was a great read. Kept me going from one to the next.

    Relax! Lighten up! You're fine! People like you for Pete's Sake! All you have to do is talk and share with your friends. That's all, really.


  6. Sherri love, stop pressuring yourself like this! We're here because we like you! You don't have to do the whole research/link/info dump thing! You share your thoughts and experiences and that's why we come by to read what you have to say - even if you feel like you've not said anything. I read your posts because I like you, it's that simple. Stop trying so hard to fit yourself into a mold that's not comfortable for you. Just be you! I love your blab!

  7. Thanks Sherri. I've had an online presence for so long though- first a website, then a newsletter with 500+ subscribers back when those were all the rage, then a blog which has been up and down and here and there. I think I'll want to have it when my kid's flown the nest, to keep me feeling more connected to the world. It's also true though that when I had the newsletter thing going, I wasn't writing fiction, just nonfiction, so I had more time and energy in general. I also like feeling as if I'm doing my part, in a sense, to add my voice to the online community, though commenting does assuage some of that. Hmmm.

  8. Everyone has already said--don't pressure yourself over a blog. Really. You're not obligated to anything.

    And I agree the system works. And then I don't. And then I do. And then... I've read great things by great agents. They get a lot of crap. And how many writers getting rejected say it was because they wrote crap. Always easy to blame the system.

    Then I read things about the industry and I don't know why I try. I can't do these things. But I don't want to stop. I don't want to continue. And I've got several personal rejections with the adjective "well-written" used on my behalf. I've got rejections that say "compelling" and "intriguing." It is very nice really. But perhaps they should be saying "flat characters" or "unconvincing plot" or something I work with. And I still get rejected with "not right for us" and "unsuitable for us" and I know I've picked the wrong agent, but my list is getting shorter. And...and...and...

    Of course, agents are busy people too. But I can't do any better than I'm doing now. So, you know, all this writing... it's better than watching bad tv.

    And I almost didn't mention Plath because of the poetry. But poetry is hardly a ticket to success so I thought I'd go with it.

    enough for today!

  9. You made me laugh, Marta. So much angst, and I can relate to all of it!


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