Posted by : Sherri Cornelius Monday, July 27, 2009

I've had lots of dreams about writing and books lately. In last night's, I was an established author. I met a handsome, dark-haired agent named Nick-something who asked me out and cried when I told him I was married. When I comforted him he started reading my mind, telling me things about my life I kept hidden.

Later in the same dream I had a young man showing me his work. He was clinging to me, looking for approval while showing false confidence, and the other published authors were watching with veiled interest. A quick glance through the manuscript revealed typos, misused words, bad formatting, and just a general mess. I said, "I'm going to be brutally honest with you. You won't thank me now, but you will in a couple of years." I told him that no one would take him seriously with all those mistakes in his book, and he needed to practice grammar and typing, learn the nuts and bolts before submitting anything. The boy put on a brave face, masking pain and tears, and started making excuses for why his manuscript was messy. My peers' veiled interest became veiled approval, and I returned to my seat, knowing I could do no more for the young man.

The other night I dreamed I was living the plot of a book. I got lots of good ideas. Too bad I can't remember any.

My mom had a dream I won an Oscar (presumably for an adaptation of one of my books) and my step-dad dreamed he went to my book signing.

Over the past month fully half of my dreams have had a book/writing/publishing theme. This happened about the same time last year, too. I wonder if it's a seasonal thing. Or maybe the dreams are preparing me for a future of fame. That's what I prefer to believe.

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  1. Wow. I wish I could dream like this. I rarely remember my dreams, if I even have them. I was so disappointed that I didn't have any awesomely cool vivid dreams while I was pregnant. I heard that people have some doozies but I ended up with zip zilch nuthin'.

    I think it's awesome that you're pursuing the editing thing. This dream is your subconscious telling you that you made a good choice :)


  2. What awesome dreams. In my dreams I never have an occupation I can identify, but I'm ALWAYS thin and taller. I prefer to think my mind's preparing me for my coming growth spurt, which will use all my excess body fat and add five inches to my height.

    It could happen. Right?


  3. Just a normal night in my head. I think my vivid dreaming is why I'm so moody, and why I live inside my head most of the day. I love the dreams, but I might trade them for sanity.

  4. I like the way lots of males are showing up in your dreams and you are meeting them as equals. Some might interpret this as you seeking a balance between the yin and yang of your creative life: balancing art and commerce, practical and whimsical, talent and perserverance.

  5. Ooh, I like that. It's true--in recent dreams I've felt confident and competent, more present. It's a nice change. Perhaps a reflection of my growing confidence in real life. Better balance.

  6. I think the agent and the young writer represent parts of you. I think the agent is showing you that you reveal more in your writing than you realize, and the young man is your fears of never being published.

    I also think they might be preparing you for a bright writing future. The veiled approval thing - you know you're good and deserve to be there, and soon they will too. :)

  7. Interesting interpretation. The young man being a less-advanced version of me, then me walking away and leaving him to cry alone, might represent leaving behind those fears. And I do worry about revealing the things the dream-agent told me. :)


  8. That's it - definitely - a future of fame. :)

  9. You know it, girlfriend. Apparently I'll have men wanting me right and left, but I'll shoot them down! Pow-pow!


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